Wrexham The Hauntings



Welcome to The Hauntings which feature a unique team of paranormal investigators, filmmakers, psychics and historians. Together we peer into the night and ask the age-old question “is there anybody there”?

These, our first investigations, centre on the most haunted places in the Wrexham area of North Wales and reveal strange and often surpricing results. What you are about to witness is the culmination of months of investigating and filming and we reveal our findings as we recorded them. No special effects, No camers tricks.

Featured in this spine tingling 120 minute DVD

Golden Lion, High Street, Wrexham
Who is waiting to contact us in this 17th century inn and what unwelcoming spirits roam the derelict oak beamed upper floors?

Trevor Arms Hotel, Marford
Why do Marford’s charming cottages feature crosses to ward off evil spirits and who are the ghosts who haunt the Trevor Arms Hotel? Table tipping and orb activity are just some of the ways they reveal themselves to us as we investigate in the dead of night.

Bodidris Hall, Llandegla
Steeped in history, this ancient building once played host to Queen Elizabeth 1. Incredible orb activity is just some of the mysterious phenomena recorded at this stunning venue.

Plas Newydd, Llangollen
The famous Ladies of Llangollen played host to our team as we spent a long dark night within its walls. Could this be the ladies contacting us or are they other spirits from Plas Newydd’s long history? Our paranormal equipment reveals some shocking evidence.

The White Horse Inn, Overton
An encounter too close for comfort for one of our team in the cold dark cellar of this historic inn is just one highlight from a fascinating investigation.

So settle down, turn down the lights, and expect your nerves to be shredded.