Worcester Memories



Worcester ~ A Journey Through Time

Take the ultimate walk down Memory Lane as we visit the Worcester of yesteryear. Included in this nostalgic feast is rare archive footage recorded between 1919-1979 – much of which has never been seen before.
Victory Parade in 1919, as the Worcester Regiment marches through the city to the Cathedral.
Magical images of a Worcester Carnival filmed in the early 1920s.
Enchanting scenes of the busy city centre recorded in the ’20s.
Worcester ~ A Journey Through Time

The Prince of Wales opening the Worcester Bridge in 1932.
Rare colour film of St Swithens’ street in 1944 – capturing charming images of the shopping crowds.
Unique colour sequences of the Victory Parade through Worcester in 1945, including celebrations in the High Street.
Colour film of the floods in 1947. Winston Churchill receiving the ‘Freedom of the city of Worcester’ in 1950.
Coronation celebrations held in Worcester, 1953.
The Queen’s visit to Worcester in 1957, with colour pictures of local school children waiting at the Cricket Ground.
Beautiful colour film recording the changing face of the city in the 1950s. ’60s and ’70s.
Just a few of the events and scenes included in this unique video which offers the viewer the opportunity to reflect upon the history and transformation of this delightful city.

Worcester Remembered

Clive Hanes is well known for his highly acclaimed and long-running auidio-visual programme, ‘The Changing Face of Worcester’. Using photographs from his extensive collection, together with contemporary video, ‘Worcester Remembered’ presents a vivid and fascinating timescape of this historic city.
In this video, which spans the history of the city from its origins to the present day, the town of yesteryear is captured in old photographs and on movie film, and is contrasted with the city of today.
The production includes:
* The origins of Worcester
* The growth of the city as an inland port
* Development and change in the city centre
* Old pubs, railways and wartime memories
* Sweeping redevelopment in the 1960’s and 70’s
* Shops and small businesses, industry and sport
* Lost streets and forgotten areas
* People at leisure and children at school
* Famous personalities and characters
* Aspects of the modern city
An invaluable document of Worcester at the verge of a new millennium.