Windsor Memories



Take the ultimate walk down memory lane as we visit the Windsor of yesteryear. This DVD, using photographs, paintings, drawings, archive and modern film footage explores Windsor’s history like never before. Included in this visual feast are recently unearthed photographs of the town during the turn of the century which capture beautifully the atmosphere during the Victorian era.

The town of Windsor grew up below the walls of the Castle which William the Conqueror founded over 900 years ago. Whilst its fortunes have always been linked with those of the Monarchy, Windsor early established a separate identity as a busy little market town and Thames trading port. The town has had its ups and downs, but over the centuries has expanded steadily and today’s Windsor is a lively centre of tourism and commerce.

Subjects covered include:

* The Town’s beginnings
* Kings, queens and royal pageantry
* The Windsor Martyrs
* River and railways
* Trade and commerce
* Poverty and slums
* Buildings old and New
* Windsor’s bridges
* Bachelors’ Acre
* Windsor personalities
* The 1947 flood
* The Castle fire