Swansea A History



The history of Swansea is traced from its distant Viking origins to the modern city of today. From turbulent beginnings, Swansea grew into a successful port and centre of industry. During the second World War the Blitz destroyed much of the town, and as a result there have been major alterations to Swansea within living memory. Changes have also come about due to the decline of industry, and Swansea has developed a new identity as a city of culture, sport and leisure.

This DVD will revive memories of the way Swansea used to be, and give an insight into its long history. The video uses photographs, drawings and modern footage to illustrate the city of the past, through to the present day.

Topics include:
* The Castle.
* The Docks.
* The Vivien family.
* The Hafod Copper works and town.
* Swansea China.
* St. Marys Church.
* The Guildhalls.
* Theatres and Cinemas.
* Sport.
* Swansea Jack.
* The Blitz.
* The Marina.
Written by Nigel Robins.