Sutton Coldfield Memories



Using unique archive film, together with contemporary records and reports, this video shows how ordinary people in Sutton Coldfield faced up to the dark days of the Second World War.
All of the sequences were shot by John Frost a local business man, and his friends – most of which are in full colour.
The film captures some of the events which took place, from the early days of the Blitz, to the celebrations which marked the end of the War in 1945.
These include:
* The Civil Defence dealing with an air raid incident.
* A visit to Princess Alice Orphanage.
* Christmas time at Good Hope Hospital.
* ‘Salute the Soldier’ Week, 1944. Sutton’s Home Guard, including training and public demonstrations in Sutton Park.
* Fund-raising for Red Cross Year and other events.
* The Sea Scouts new boat.
* VE and VJ celebrations.
Written and researched by Mike Hinson and Marian Baxter, both of whom are active members of the Sutton Coldfield Local History Research Group.
Members of SCLHRG.
Angela Frost.