Stratford Upon Avon Memories



Stratford-Upon-Avon – famous the world over as the birthplace of William Shakespeare – attracts thousands of visitors each year, who come to savor the atmosphere that inspired the genius. As the crowds descended upon the town they brought with them cameras, both professional and amateur. It is thanks to these film-makers that we are able to revisit the Stratford of yesteryear.
Included in this nostalgic feast are rare, never before seen images of the town over the last 70 years. Amongst the earliest recordings we see enchanting sequences from the 1920s, offering the viewer a glimpse of everyday life and events from that period.
A film shot by a local photographer follows the laying of the foundation stone in 1926, through to the opening ceremony of the new Theatre. The Price of Wales flew to Stratford to officially open the Theatre in 1932. A delightful film recording life in the town in 1935 vividly captures many aspects of Stratford in the pre-war period. As well as the day-to-day life, local industry and leisure pursuits of the town are recalled.
Moving on a decade, we feature an evocative film which once again brings the era into focus. The recording is rich in its nostalgic appeal as we are treated to glimpses of a bygone generation.
Packed with images from the past and informative narration, this video offers the viewer a unique opportunity to acquire this rare compilation of the moving history of Stratford.
Produced with the assistance of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.