St. Helens – Memories Through The Decades


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Before taking a look at life in St. Helens through this century, we begin with a brief look at the town today. Moving back in time we then see the story of Beechams, a major influence on the town until closure in 1994. Then there is coverage of Pilkingtons and Coal mining, the town’s other major industries. We cover the story of Tyrers a traditional family run local department store that has been part of St. Helens for 100 years. There is coverage of Royal visits in 1950 and 1954 and film of St. Helens Rugby League Club winning the Rugby League cup final at Wembley in 1956. A near neighbour is Prescot. We see celebratory activities in the 1930s culminating with a military parade just prior to the second world war. St. Helens celebrates its centenary in 1968. Rainhill village is decorated in 1980 ‘Rocket 150’. It is 150 years since the Rainhill Trials were won by Stephenson’s Locomotive ‘Rocket’ and the opening of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway. At Bold Colliery locomotives prepare for the big parade. Over a weekend locomotives covering 150 years of history join a cavalcade on the main line through Rainhill. These are just some of the stories and events covering the century included in this remarkable video programme which will help you relive some aspects of St. Helens life in the past. Narrator: Monty Lister of Radio Merseyside