Southport Memories of a Seaside Town


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After looking around Southport in the 1990s we go back in time and look at life in the Southport area from around the first world war up to the 1950s and later. As early as 1911 we see early aviation with a flight in a Farman Pusher Bi-plane and the launch of the Formby lifeboat in the same decade. There are scenes of Lord Street in the ’10s and ’20s and Southport Flower Show in 1927. There is the Formby Gala of the late 1920s. At the seaside people enjoy the pleasure ground and a man dives off the pier on a bicycle. There are various activities in the open air pool including Fashion Shows and Beauty Competitions. Dance and cabaret at the Prince of Wales Hotel is evocative of the era. Then we look at Southport again after the war in the 1950s and later.

These are just some of the stories and events covering the century included in this remarkable video programme which will help you relive some aspects of Southport’s life in the past.

Narrator: Monty Lister of Radio Merseyside