Royal Leamington Spa Memories



Royal Leamington Spa is today a splendid town with a glorious heritage. 18th Century Leamington however was an insignificant village, but it was transformed by the discovery and subsequent exploitation of mineral springs.
Once the most fashionable of Spa’s it was visited by the very highest members of society. This video traces the development of Royal Leamington Spa, beginning in the Old Town, south of the river, and moving on to the stylish building of the New Town, to the north of the river.
Written by local writer W.G.Gibbons, the history is illustrated with photographs, drawings, film, maps and modern-day footage.
Topics include:
* The Original Well/Aylesford Well.
* All Saints Church.
* The Lower Assembly Rooms.
* The Old Town Hall.
* The Parade.
* The Royal Baths and Pump Room.
* The Royal Assembly Room.
* The Regent Hotel.
* Dr. Henry Jephson.
* Jephson Gardens.
* The Railway.
* The Tramway.
* The Town Hall.
* Cinemas.
* The 1932 Floods.
Written By W.G.Gibbons.