Rhyl Memories



The popular seaside town of Rhyl is fortunate to have been the subject chosen by several local film-makers over the past 100 years. Thanks to their interest in the area we are able to see for the first time a compilation of films which chart the ever-changing face of this famous resort.

Amongst the earliest recordings – from 1899 – we can enjoy an enchanting scene of a group of Victorian children playing in the sands. Meanwhile, the street minstrels ‘The Merrie Men’ entertain the summer tourists.

In 1093 the crowds gathered to see the Wildest Showman ‘Buffalo Bill’ arrive at Rhyl, as he brought the spectacle of his traveling Rodeo to town.
Pleasure flights were offered during the 1920s, taking off from Rhyl beach, and circling over the coast. Marvel at the earliest known aerial views of the resort as the plane passes over the beach to capture the focal points of the Pier, and the charming period Bathing Machines.
Watch the fashions change as decade upon decade of visitors enjoy Rhyl’s attractions. Take a walk down memory lane as Rhyl swings into the ’60s and welcomes a different type of tourist as the era of Day-Tripping begins.

The story of Rhyl will appeal to both locals and visitors alike. It is a unique opportunity to reflect on the history and the changing face of one of the country’s most famous and best-loved seaside towns