Newtown Memories



The town of Newtown has been reborn and reinvented several times through its long and eventful history. This video, researched and written by local historian David Pugh, examines the story that winds its way through history like the river that gave it life and almost destroyed it. Drawing on vivid images from the past, we view the growth and decline of the woollen industry, the entrepreneurial skills of the local characters like Pryce Jones and the thoughts and ideas of Newtown born Robert Owen which are still practiced far and wide.

The floods from the early 1960s which very nearly finished the town, were captured on colour film and is seen here for the first time. Colour footage also recalls the developments soon after which brought new people to the declining area.

The rich history is evocatively recalled through interviews, film and photographs and is a special keepsake for anyone who knows and loves Newtown