Mold Memories



Where in Mold was a Bronze Gold Cape excavated in 1833? How did a small out numbered army of Christian Britons defeat an army of Picts and Saxsons in 447AD by simply shouting “Alleluia”? In what sort of housing did the towns inhabitants live during the onset of the Industrial Revolution? How have the streets and business altered since photographs first developed images of Mold in the mid 19th Century?

These questions and more are answered in this visual study which will shed new light on many aspects of the towns past and present. Mold has a long, proud and fascinating history which is explored here in this revealing video written and researched by local historian Chris Bithell. Beautifully illustrated with paintings, and archive documents, photographs and modern-day footage, we explore the town from its earliest settlements to the modern evolving town which exists today.

Topics Include:
Early History, Streets and Buildings, Work, Transport, Religion, Education, War Years, Entertainment, Housing and Family Life, Famous Sons of Mold