Middlesborough Memories



Take a journey through nine centuries of Middlesbrough’s history with this unique video which charts the town’s development from a small monastic settlement to the busy modern town of today.
Beautifully illustrated using sketches, maps, photographs, modern and archive film footage, this video will revive memories of the way Middlesbrough used to be and give an insight into its fascinating past.
Topics include:
* The Town’s earliest origins
* Its establishment in 1830 as a dormitory town for those involved in the shipping of coal at Port Darlington.
* The influence of the railways
* The industrial revolution linked to iron and steel during the mid 19th Century.
* Rapid developments during the Victorian period.
* Plus many of the people and events which have helped shape the Middlesbrough of today.
The motto chosen by the first body of town councillors was the latin ‘Erimus’ – “we shall be” and this video illustrates how today’s community reflects the success of their aspirations.