Malta And Gozo



Basking in warmth under a canopy of endless blue skies yet gently refreshed by the crystal waters of the Mediterranean. Malta and Gozo lay claim to an enviable climate, which is as welcoming as the people themselves. Steeped in history both rich and ancient, it’s people have defied enemies throughout the centuries yet hold out a welcoming hand to the swathes of visitors who come from far and wide to sample the diverse and dynamic land and it’s people. Malta and Gozo have much to offer the visitor. Be your interest in the ancient history or if you prefer to party till you drop then you will find it here. The temples sites on the islands are believed to be the oldest man-made structures on earth. Religious symbols festoon the land with each town outdoing its neighbor by erecting a more majestic shrine to its faith. Tour the fortified capital city of Valletta with its busy streets and grand harbor or slowly meander the enchanting alleyways of delightful Medina. Alternatively stretch out and wash away your cares on one of the beautiful beaches dotted around the island. This DVD filmed in glorious widescreen vividly captures the history and beauty or these diverse lands. Relax and enjoy an armchair exploration of both the modern and ancient that is Malta and Gozo. A visual feast of images, which capture the history, architecture and scenery of this delightful sun soaked jewel of the Mediterranean