Llandudno Memories



Llandudno is an elegant resort, it’s stylish architecture and traditional seaside entertainment era a legacy of the Victorian era, during which time the town was carefully planned and laid out. The first dwellers lived here as early as the Stone Age, and the Great Orme mines date from the Bronze Age. Until the 1840’s the area’s fortunes rested on agriculture and copper mining, but this changed as a result of a vision to transform the village into a grand seaside resort. This dream was turned into reality by the Mostyn Family, and tourism has become Llandudno’s most successful industry.

The story of the town is told using photographs, archive film and modern footage to illustrate Llandudno’s development from the past to the present day.

Topics include:

* The Copper Mines.
* The Mostyns.
* Transport.
* Schools.
* Chapels.
* Theatres.
* Seaside Entertainment on the Pier.
* The Promenade and Punch and Judy.
Written by Stuart. A. Rivers.