Kidderminster Memories



Take a journey through time and discover the story of Kidderminster. The growth and development of the town is followed from the 11th Century Royal Manor of Kidderminster to the modern town we know today.
Many of the important figures from kidderminster’s history are introducing including the Cokeseys, the Blounts and the Clares. We look at the ministry of Richard Baxter and the inventive pioneer of the modern postage system Sir Rowland Hill whose statue stands in the town.
Kidderminster is famous for its carpet manufacturing industry and we look at its rise and fall and the effects this new wealth brought to the town.
Beautifully illustrated, our story incorporates delightful early photographs, drawings and paintings. Perhaps the most vivid and enchanting recordings of the town are early, never before seen films. Included are films showing the Duke of York’s (the future George VI) visit to Kidderminster in 1926 and ab evocative film produced in the 1920s featuring many of the shops and streets in the town.
A treasure trove of images and historical information, this video is one to keep and watch time and again.