Chester Mystery Plays 2008 2 Disc DVD set



From Creation to The Last Judgment, iconic Bible stories have
been reinvented into a truly spectacular, dynamic theatrical
experience. A company of over four hundred present tales of
ambition, intrigue, betrayal and passion.

“A feast… fantastic entertainment” BBC Radio Merseyside
“Chester’s Bible belter… A joyful sense of pageantry (that
makes) the end of the world worth waiting for” The Guardian HHH
“rich dramatic spectacle” Chester Chronicle

“A spectacular event” Manchester Evening News

“An absolute visual feast… an awesome experience (which will)
make hair stand on end and that will bring a tear to the eye”

“This massive undertaking valuably connects us with our Christian
heritage, the North’s working-class past and an indefinable
quality of human goodness” The Daily Telegraph

The Prophecy
Creation and Fall
Cain And Abel
Noah’s Flood –
The Musical
The Nativity
The Shepherds
Magi and Innocents
The Purification

The Fulfilment
The Temptation &
Woman Taken
In Adultery
The Raising of Lazarus
The Last Supper
The Trial
The Crucifixion
The Resurrection
The Ascension
The Coming of
The Antichrist
The Last Judgment