Chester A Guided Tour



Take a tour around the city of Chester with Roger Stephens, one of Chester’s most Knowledgeable tour guides.

The Romans founded this ancient, picturesque city in the 1st Century and created the street plan and walls, which still exist to this day.

This innovative and original walking tour guide encompasses two thousand years of fascinating history that will surprise, inform and delight.

Visit the tower where King Charles 1 watched the battle of Rowton Moor during the English Civil War.

Find the best place to view two of the best surviving sections of Roman fortress wall in Northern Europe.

Identify which of Chester’s black and white timbered buildings is original Tudor and which were built in the Victorian period.

Also features the Roman Amphitheatre, City Walls, Inns, the unique shopping Rows and the Riverside Groves.

Relive your discoveries of this beautiful city time and time again.