Cheltenham Memories



Take the ultimate walk down Memory Lane as we visit the Cheltenham of yesteryear. Included in this nostalgic feast is rare archive footage recorded in the early 1920s. This recently discovered film was originally produced for the Chamber of Commerce to promote the town in cinemas around the country. Believed to be the earliest film record of the town, it vividly captures the era with evocative images of everyday life.
Sequences recall:
* Enchanting street scenes of the car-free roads.
* Interesting images of the Shopping Centre – recalling the fashions of the 1920s.
* Steam Train arriving at Cheltenham, as visitors disembark at St. James Station.
* Cheltenham’s Medical Baths : a reminder of the unusual treatments available at that time.
* Cheltenham’s famous Public Schools are also featured, as we see young men at drill practice, and the ladies enjoying a carefree sunny day.
Just a few of the delightful images reproduced.
Moving on several decades, we see a very different world as the 1950s and ‘swinging ’60s’ are relived. Our journey ends with a beautifully made film showing the town during the 1970s.
This video offers the viewer a unique opportunity to reflect upon the history and changing face of one of the country’s most famous Spa Towns.

Cheltenham A History

Cheltenham has a long history, dating back as early as the 8th Century, but it is only in the past 200 years that it has developed into the beautiful town of today. Once a small rural market town, Cheltenham’s development was altered by the discovery of mineral springs and its subsequent evolution into a fashionable resort with several successful Spa’s.
Cheltenham’s reputation was enhanced by Royal patronage, and “visitors of great fortune and gentility” flocked to drink the waters and enjoy the lively social life.
These glory years have left an impressive legacy of elegant Victorian villas and terraces, fine floral parks and tree lined thoroughfares. The history of the town is illustrated by using photographs, drawings, and modern footage to show the Cheltenham of the past and present day.