Cardiff Memories



The Welsh Capital is a lively and cosmopolitan City, which plays host to a wide spectrum of people from all walks of life, and many different countries of the World. As with most Cities, we are fortunate to have been left with an excellent photographic record of its history, and thanks to keen amateur film-makers, we can also enjoy valuable and exciting film sequences of the changing face of Cardiff’s streets and inhabitants. The recordings commence in the 1940’s, as we see pictures taken during World War 2 of the populous at work and play, including the King’s visit to a shell-making factory. Early scenes of the Docks are also captured, as freight is frantically loaded and unloaded in Cardiff’s once bustling port. Take the ultimate walk down Memory Lane as we re-visit the Cardiff of the 40’s and 50’s through the use of unique images – including colour film of the Coronation celebrations. Imagine the thrill of the occasion, as visiting Royalty and Celebrities are mobbed by fans from different eras – most remarkably, Danny Kaye’s popular arrival in 1952. The 1960’s and 70’s are vividly recalled, as many aspects of the City’s life are touched upon – incorporating scenes from the Capital’s sporting arenas. This video offers the viewer a unique opportunity to reflect on over half a century of life in the Welsh Capital. Part 2. Take the ultimate walk down Memory Lane as we visit the Cardiff of yesteryear. Included in this nostalgic feast is rare footage – some in colour – which has never been seen before. The recordings date from between 1937-1970 and are an invaluable reminder of earlier generations at work and at play in this vibrant city. Sequences include: * Coronation celebrations of 1937: street parties and a visit from the King and Queen. * VE Day celebrations: evocative images of people of Cardiff welcoming the end of the War. * The Women’s Land Army’s Recruiting Parade of 1946. * Princess Elizabeth’s visit in 1948. Winston Churchill receiving the ‘Freedom of the City’ in 1948. * Colour ‘Trolley Bus’ sequences recorded in the 1950’s. * A ‘Corpus Christi’ Parade, filmed in the ’50s; the procession captured vividly as it winds its way through the city. * A recording of the Empire Games of 1958, showing the street decorations and the Opening Ceremony. * Scenes of flooding – filmed in the 1960s. Just a few of the delightful archive films included in this video which chronicles some of the major events witnessed and celebrated in this, the beautiful Capital City of Wales