British Seaside Memories



Take the ultimate walk down Memory Lane as we visit the seaside of yesteryear. This beautifully illustrated history of the British Seaside tells the story of how we fell in love with our coastal towns. Included in this nostalgic feast are rare, never before seen moving images of the British at play dating from 1899 to the present day. Evocative memories are recalled as you once again breathe in that clear sea air and hear the gulls cry out overhead. Our story traces the history of the seaside holiday from its origins in the 17th Century when eminent doctors recommended cold water sea baths and even drinking the seawater as a cure all! We discover that the Victorians started the love affair with the seaside and move through the decades reliving those long summer days through the use of delightful images. The heyday of the seaside is recalled through three films produced to promote the towns in the cinemas of the day. Original soundtracks and images are included that will bring the 1950s to life once more. Towns included are: Blackpool, Scarborough, Rhyl, Colwyn Bay, Llandudno, Weston-super-Mare, Brighton, Bournemouth to name but a few