Brighton Memories



The history of the town of Brighton is traced from its prehistoric hill-forts, to its success as a major Tudor fishing town – and its transformation into the premier resort of the country. The social atmosphere of the town is seen as being important, in not only its success as a maritime town, but in its subsequent role as watering place and home of Kings of England, and latterly as a major entertainment and holiday centre. The spectacular squares, crescents and terraces of Regency times are seen in a range of media and the development of town around them is put in its social setting, culminating in the evolution of the Royal Pavilion of the Prince Regent.

The glitter of the Royal Pavilion and the sparkle of the seaside entertainments hid some notorious slums and both aspects of the Queen of Watering Places are seen here in a mixture of prints, paintings, photographs and vintage and contemporary film sequences.

Topics include:
* Brighton’s landscape
* The Fishing Industry
* Early sea-bathing
* The Royal Pavilion
* Regency architecture
* A 1926 film of the seafront
* Contemporary easy-going Brighton