Blackpool Memories



‘The Golden Mile’,’The Tower’ and ‘The Lights’ can only refer to one place … Blackpool! A veritable wonderland of candy-floss, kiss-me-quick hats and white-knuckle rides. Take the ultimate walk down Memory Lane with this collection of archive films, offering the viewer a nostalgic feast of images from 70 years of recordings.

Included in this compilation is rare footage showing Blackpool in the 1920s. Marvel at the enchanting images as we visit the Jazz Age, with evocative scenes of the town’s attractions being enjoyed on those long-gone summer days. Relish the delightful sequences as bright young bloods from the lost generation, twirl and hurl themselves into a frenzy at the funfair. Meanwhile, beauties parade in swimsuits and crowds dance the afternoon away in the open air. These are just a few images from this unique film.
Moving on a few generations, we feature a film produced in the 1950s to promote the town in the cinemas of the day. The recording, shown in its original wide-screen format, is a beautiful period piece.

Swing into the sixties, with amateur films capturing the town of that frantic decade. Once again, crowds dance on the Prom, but to a very different tune.
These and other sequences included in this video, offer the viewer a nostalgic and informative Journey Through Time.