Bath Memories



Take the ultimate walk down Memory Lane as we visit the Bath of yesteryear. Included in this nostalgic feast are rare colour images recorded during World War 2. These evocative scenes capture the devastation caused to the city by enemy bombings, as well as the everyday life during those fateful days. The local Home Guard are also featured as they prepare for possible invasion. Few places in the county can boast such rich colour film captured at that time.

Moving onto a happier and more peaceful era, we recall Bath during the swinging 60s. Once again, the city is vividly depicted in beautiful colour film featuring daily life at the time. Enjoy images of bygone generation as we journey through the streets of Bath during those far off days.

Relive the ‘Monarchy 1000 Years’ celebrations of 1973 – including scenes of the Queen’s visit to the city.

During the 1970s, Bath underwent many changes as redevelopment took place. Films taken at the time record streets and buildings before their demolition.
This video offers the viewer a unique opportunity to reflect upon the history and transformation of one of the most beautiful cities of this country.