Aberystwyth Memories



The seaside town of Aberystwyth has charmed visitors for centuries. In this video are paintings, engravings, photographs, archive film and modern footage that show how Aberystwyth has changed over the centuries. Topics covered include the Iron Age hillfort on Pen Dinas, the Harbour and new Marina, the Castle, the University of Wales, the National Library of Wales, the Cliff Railway and Camera Obscura, tourism and the storm of 1938 that caused such widespread damage.

From the brush of Alfred Worthington, the town’s most famous artist, are colourful views of Llanbadarn Fawr, fishing boats, shipwrecks and local landmarks. From the camera of Arthur Lewis are the halcyon days on the beach, a crowded promenade, bustling views of the town’s streets and shipping in the harbour.
Arther Cheetham owned a local cinema. His programmes at the Palladium Cinema including his own films of local activities from the 1920’s such as the unveiling of the town’s War Memorial, gymnastic displays and a race through the streets of the town.

Also featured are some of the town’s vanishing buildings including the Town Clock, the King’s Hall, Seilo Chapel and the Penparcau Tollgate.
Aberystwyth is a multi-faceted town with far more to offer than most seaside towns the world over. The promenade, sloping streets, churches, chapels, cafe’s, clubs, pubs and academic altars that nestle among the natural splendour of Wales create a unique magic captured in this video.