DVD Gift Boxsets Yesterdays Britain 3 DVD Boxset

Yesterdays Britain 3 DVD Boxset

Yesterdays Britain 3 DVD Boxset
Number of DVDs 3
Duration 185mins
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Three documentaries looking at the Britain of yesteryear. In 'Music Hall Days' sit back and enjoy the mystical era of the Music Hall. From its foremost artists of Marie Lloyd and Dan Leno, through to the heyday of live performances from Arthur Askey, George Formby and Gracie Fields, the programme gathers together footage, recordings and memorabilia from artists that would grace any stage in any age. 'Classic Love Stories' reveals the truth behind the relationships of the most famous and powerful couples of the 20th century, from the glittering Hollywood romance of Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly to the Royal love match of Charles and Diana. 'Victorian Britain' looks at an age of extraordinary contrast where privilege and poverty lived side by side. It was also the time of Industrial Revolution which swept the country along on a tide of invention, innovation and progress. It was the era of genius of Dickens and Hardy, of Stephenson and Brunel and of colonial might when Britain won an empire upon which the sun never set.