British History DVDs Newark 1643-46 Unde Siege

Newark 1643-46 Unde Siege

Newark 1643-46 Unde Siege
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The story of the battles for the strategically vital town in Nottinghamshire is a classic example of how a siege was conducted during the long and bitter fighting of the English Civil War. The town was the gateway to the north of England and was the site of three separate sieges, as the armies of the King and of Parliament fought for control. In February 1643 the Royalists beat back the determined Parliamentarian attacks but the town then had to be relieved by the dashing Prince Rupert a year later. Finally, in May 1646, Newark surrendered to Parliamentary forces on the explicit orders of King Charles I, who in doing so sealed his own fate and condemned himself to the block.
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The First Attack
Hercules Clay
A Dramatic Transformation
Sir Richard Willis
Charles I Surrenders
A Noble Defeat

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