British History DVDs The Battle of Edgehill

The Battle of Edgehill

The Battle of Edgehill
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After months of rising tension, the English civil War finally exploded into life on the slopes of Edgehill on October 23rd 1642. It was to be a confused and bitter business, marked by the foolishness of Prince Rupert and the Royalist cavalry, who left the field at a crucial stage of the battle. As darkness fell nearly 3000 men lay dead and the die was cast: the English Civil War would be no short and decisive affair.

Featuring exciting and authentic battle reconstructions, plus footage of the battlefield as it is today, The Battle of Edgehill is a fascinating and powerful account of the encounter which set the brutal tone of the entire English civil War. This authoritative programme also features period imagery and expert battle analysis.

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The Battle of Edgehill
King Charles
Infantry Regiment
Tensions in English Society
The Battle by Cavalry
The battle on Foot

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