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National Trust - Castle Ward

National Trust - Castle Ward
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Castle Ward's 332-hectare (820-acre) walled demesne is in a stunning location overlooking Strangford Lough, near Downpatrick in County Down.

Built in the second half of the 18th century, the mid-Georgian mansion's early history is murky, but it is famed as an architectural curiosity of its time, built inside and out in two distinct styles, Classical and Gothic. The house even has two different façades which reflect this difference in tastes, and it has long been noted that the architectural and decorative schemes vary according to their intended use - the 'female' spheres of the building such as the drawing room and boudoir tend to be feminine and adventurous in taste and feature the fashionable Gothic look, while the 'male' spheres - the hall and dining-room - are predominantly conservative and feature instead a restrained Classical style.

The Victorian laundry, playroom, cornmill, leadmine and sawmill give a full flavour of how the estate worked, while the grounds encompass woodland and lough-side paths and horse trails, formal gardens, Old Castle Ward, Temple Water and the Strangford Lough Wildlife Centre.