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DISC ONE - Working on the Canals
For a brief spell in history canal mania swept the land, but when the railways came steaming over the horizon, the canals were abandoned in favour of speed. Yet the canals survived on a reduced scale, and necessity proved to be the mother of invention. With reduced wages the boatmen were forced to take their families with them to live aboard the narrowboats, and a community of working canal folk took to the water. Follow this fascinating journey to discover what it was really like to work on the waterways of Britain. From the men who dug the canals and the great engineers responsible for their construction, through to the strong and resourceful boatmen, find out how they all played their part in keeping the wheels of the Industrial Revolution turning. In more recent years the canals have regained their popularity, but this time with holidays afloat. An entire leisure and tourism industry has developed that has ensured the restoration and conservation of the waterways for everyone to enjoy, bringing a whole new meaning to the term 'Working on the Canals'.
DISC TWO - LIVING on the Canals
When it comes to the old traditional ways of life, there are few examples that are compatible with the day-to-day living of the 21st Century. However, there is an exception, where ancient practices go hand-in-hand with all the advantages of modern technology and for the thousands of people in Britain today who live aboard narrowboats on the nations inland waterways, there is nothing to compare with the delights of a life afloat. Join this journey of discovery on the canals and rivers of Great Britain to enter an almost secret world that despite being so firmly rooted in the past is definitely set fair for the future. Packed with information for would-be "Liveaboards", covering everything from costs and legal requirements through to the type of craft available, there's also plenty of opportunity to take to the water and enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the British countryside. Whether you dream of living on a narrowboat or have simply wondered what it would be like to continuously cruise the waterways, this programme has something for everyone, offering an up-close and personal view of a very different way of life.
When James Brindley designed and built his first canal in the 1760s to transport coal to Manchester, had someone told him that in the 21st Century people from all over the world would be taking their holidays on his "Stinking Ditches" as his critics dubbed the canals, it's fair to say the brilliant young engineer would have laughed out loud! But this is precisely what has happened and today the British inland waterways are becoming an ever more popular holiday destination, as narrowboats transport visitors back in time, to experience a slower pace of life, while travelling through an unspoiled country landscape. Travel into the heart of Britain's waterways and see for yourself why narrowboat holidays have enjoyed such a revival, as the stressed and strained from every walk of life search for peace and tranquillity, relaxation and escapism. Follow the course of a narrowboat holiday from planning through to confident navigation and lock operation. See the sights, walk the towpaths and take a peek into the secret treasures of the canals and rivers of Britain. If you're planning a narrowboat holiday, you'll be inspired, but should you prefer to enjoy the experience from the comfort of your armchair, sit back and relax, welcome aboard.