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Gateshead Memories

Gateshead Memories
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Take the ultimate walk down Memory Lane as we visit the Gateshead of yesteryear. Produced with the assistance of the Tyne & Wear Archive Service and using rare film footage from its splendid collection, this production presents a unique record of scenes and events from 20th Century Gateshead.
Sequences include :-
* The building of the new Tyne Bridge between 1925-1928. This rare and enchanting film captures beautifully the hazardous methods used by the workmen of the time. The film concludes with the official opening by King George V.
* Delightful colour images of the Royal Visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Gateshead in 1939.
* Evocative colour sequences recorded during the war years vividly capture the local populous enjoying morale boosting events held at Saltwell Park. The recordings culminate with VE Day celebrations. A feast of nostalgic images recall the street parties, dances and revelry of this historic occasion.
* 'Exercise Tyne' a film recalling the Fire Service during civil defense operations in 1952.
* Colour film recording the visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Gateshead in 1954.
* Footage recorded between 1969-71 featuring the many changes that took place during that period.