DVD Gift Boxsets Dangerous Missions of World War Two 3 DVD set

Dangerous Missions of World War Two 3 DVD set

Dangerous Missions of World War Two 3 DVD set
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DISC ONE - The Royal Swordfish Take Taranto

On the night of November 11, 1940, 21 biplanes from a Royal Navy aircraft carrier launched a surprise attack on the supposedly impregnable Italian fleet anchored in the port of Taranto. The attack gave England near total control over the Mediterranean and revolutionised naval warfare. This compelling programme relives the night that changed history.

DISC TWO - The Desert Raiders

Through interviews with veterans, commentary of military scholars, rare photos and footage and previously classified information, Desert Raiders tells the incredible stories of the small bands of brave men who risked their lives in the North African desert.

From dangerous sabotage missions and collecting vital information about German troops to laying the groundwork for ambitious campaigns, the Desert Raiders stalked the forces of the “Desert Fox”.

DISC THREE - Sinking the Tirpitz

The Tirpitz was the pride of the Kriegsmarine - the largest and fastest battleship in European waters and the scourge of Britain's Royal Navy. Accordingly, American and British forces made sinking the Tirpitz a top priority. This programme details the incredible assaults that the German ship endured over three years and its eventual collapse on November 12, 1944.
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