DVD Gift Boxsets D-Day - 3 DVD set

D-Day - 3 DVD set

D-Day - 3 DVD set
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DISC ONE - The Story of D-Day

June 6th 1944, D-Day, codenamed "Operation Overlord" was the culmination of nearly two years of planning. It was the largest invasion force ever assembled. Over 6,800 ships, landing craft and other vessels were used to get over 130,000 men onto five Normandy beaches.

This programme is an unique chronicle of a decisive period in our country's history

DISC TWO - Operation Bodyguard: D-Day Deception

D-Day was an all-or-nothing proposition, one where turning back was impossible and failure unthinkable.

This programme talks with military experts and historians to reveal the complete tale of the phantom invasion of Pas de Calais where Hitler believed the Allied forces would land.

See archive footage of the fake armies and dummy landing craft that supported this ruse and examine the carefully planted false intelligence that gave the story credence.

DISC THREE - The Lost Evidence

During the largest invasion in history, Allied reconnaissance planes flew up and down the coast every hour on the hour. By the end of the day a visual record unlike any other was filmed. As soon as the invasion ended, however, these images were lost... until now.

Sit back and marvel this never-before-seen footage which gives a first hand account of D-Day from the air.
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