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Bloody Britain
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RORY McGRATH is your guide to some of the most bloody and brutal episodes in Britain's history.

Blood and fire, terror and torture - this is an unflinching look at the grisly and gruesome reality behind the stories in the history books.

Using stylised computer animations and visits to the blood-soaked sites of some of Britain's most terrible events. The Discovery Channels BLOODY BRITAIN brings history vividly to life in chilling detail. Presenter Rory McGrath also tries his hand at many of the contemporary weapons used to such deadly effect in the battles, campaigns and atrocities that forged a nation.

This is history as it was really lived - but definitely not for the squeamish!

Episode 1 THE BATTLE OF TRAFALGAR: Life in the Royal Navy in 1805 was unspeakably brutal and cruel... and fighting conditions turned ships at war into hell itself!

Episode 2 BLOODY MARY: Meet the mad monarch with a taste for heretic burning and hanging, drawing and quartering... a woman still signing death warrants on her own deathbed!

Episode 3 THE BODY SNATCHERS: British medical advances in the early 1800s depended on a constant supply of fresh bodies... with no questions asked!

Episode 4 THE SIEGE OF ROCHESTER: King John's bloody siege of the barons at Rochester Castle.

Episode 5 THE WITCHFINDER GENERAL: Matthew Hopkins was responsible for finding, torturing and killing more 'witches' than anyone else in history...

Episode 6 THE MONMOUTH REBELLION: When the Duke of Monmouth failed to usurp the throne in 1685, retribution was terrible in the extreme...

Episode 7 JACK THE RIPPER: An investigation into the unspeakable killings of 1888, rarely matched in their horrific brutality!

Episode 8 THE VIKINGS: Tile savage attacks on the British Isles launched by the vicious and merciless Vikings!

Episode 9 THE WELSH REBELLIONS: A threat to English rule that had to be crushed - at any cost...

Episode 10 THE PEASANTS' REVOLT: The fight for justice that turned into a bloodbath in the heart of London!
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